Automate Collaborative Events to Create Unforgettable Experiences in Record Time

Without efficient event processes, you may struggle to meet partner and attendee needs. With automation, you can streamline and deliver a successful event experience, all while managing the event entirely on your own.


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Reclaim hundreds of hours of your life + throw the best event yet.

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How Much is Your Invisibility Cloak Costing You?

Most brands struggle to gain visibility through collabs without having systems that nurture partner relationships. When you lack streamlined processes... ⚈ You struggle to attract + retain high-quality partners ⚈ Collaborations make you feel like a full-time cat-hearder ⚈ Collaborations are heartless, if they happen at all ⚈ Partners prefer vouching for your competitors ⚈ Your website and email list are ghost towns When you take care of your vendors, expect them to drive 70%+ of your sales, grow your email list by the thousands, and help build your credibility with both dream customers and future collaborators. Creating infrastructure that ensures you nurture partnerships is key to gaining visibility with their audiences. See how we can help you build strong relationships with VIP partners.

There are 4 ways you can automate collaborations. Which one is right for you?

1. Automate Relationship Building

Track active and prospective partners. Scale check-ins, introductions + your ability to give more than you take. Perfect for: Authors, coaches and consultants wanting to build rapport with industry leaders.

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2. Automate Speaker Communications + Content

Invite speakers onto your stage, gather intake, and produce + distribute content from one database. Perfect for: Brands wanting to create content at scale + simultaneously build rapport with dream partners.

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3. Automate Cross Promotions

Ditch your partner scripts for fill-in-the-blank forms. Replace VAs with 1-click follow ups. Send automated reminders. Perfect for: Newsletter ninjas wanting to engage their list by promoting partner deals while those partners promote them.

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4. Automate Large Scale Events

Link contracts, affiliate performance + intake in one place. Gamify promotion. Autopopulate your website. Perfect for: Summit + bundle hosts wanting custom apps and automations built to 10X their output and audience size.

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